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Via Writing While Black

It really is a journey to go natural in every sense of the word. I don’t know if women are doing it as some kind of new trend. But if so, there’s far worse trends we could be following.
It’s just hair, but it’s not just hair. It does, however, become problematic when we are concerned with other women’s hair choices. And why any man is concerned about how we wear our hair is beyond me.
I’m less concerned about our hair and more about women knowing their worth. With or without natural hair, we need to celebrate one another for who we are in all of our versatility. ~Bene Viera

I love how well she wrote this!


Quote of the day

A tailored blazer has a way of elevating anything I put on, from a wild print jumpsuit to a sexy-secretary pencil skirt.
- Tyra Banks

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Thanks again for your business Curlygrizzly!

  • Stylist:
    Salon Rating: 5 Scissors
    I have crazy curly hair, and I needed help. I typed curly hair in my search bar found this wonderful website and in it a salon with the greatest stylist I've ever met, Danielle. She is patient, actually listens and gives wonderful advice for your type of hair, and face shape, plus she is super nice. When I walked in, I was so tired with my hair that I was going to chop it off, she talked me of the ledge, and gave me the best hair cut i have gotten in years. Also the advice she gave me in how to style my hair helped me so much, people actually think that I got a perm, my curl is so defined and healthy looking, I'm never going to anyone else. If you have curly hair, and you're looking for help, Danielle is your stylist.

    Reviewed by Curlygrizzly on Sep 16, 2011


Fall Trend Vidoes

Hey there! I just found several You Tube videos for 2011 Fall and 2012 Spring Trends...enjoy!

9/26/11 Fall Trends, Denim Boutique, ecoSkin, and Lauren Merkin

H&M Lookbook Fall Winter Woman 2011 / 2012 Collection -

2011 / 2012 Winter Hairstyles and Hair Trends

2011 / 2012 Winter Hairstyles and Hair Trends

Fall 2012 Fashion Trends with TJ Maxx/Marshalls

Fashion Week New York London H&M Fall Winter 2012 Mens Style Trends

Top 5 Fashion Trends - Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week


Thank you Naturally Curly Girls!

  • Stylist:
    Danielle Green
    Salon Rating: 5 Scissors
    I have been growing my hair out from a very short style for the past 2 years and just could not get it looking the way I thought it could look. Then I found Danielle on this site and made an appointment with her immediately. As soon as she began asking about my hair and pointing out common issues with longer curly hair I knew I had found the right person. She trimmed up some spots that made significant changes to how my hair fell and I love it! She is knowledgeable, skilled and very easy to talk to. I can't recommend her enough.

    Reviewed by kimbo64 on Aug 25, 2011


Foundation & Powder Makeover Video 5 of 5 by IMAN Cosmetics

I've used Iman shadows and lip color for a couple of years now and I love her products. I really feel that Iman's company understands all shades of beauty! Enjoy


The finest compliment

It’s been crazy since I got back home hence the delay in sending this out.  I went right out after my appointment and bought an Instyler … love it!  Thanks for that recommendation.  I am loving my new cut and will try my darnedest to get back down there for another!!
I learned more about my curls in that hour than I had in the last 48 years!  Thanks for your insights!!
Léni  Morrison


CUSH Cosmetics Product Review

Immediately I noticed how soft, and hydrated my hair felt after one use.  Cleansed with Hydrate Me and conditioned with Moisturize Me Conditioner,  I loved how slippery my hair felt as I was using the 2 products.  I followed up with Uncoiled to detangle then layered the Curl Extender on top as a leave-in.  My favorite product is the Curl Extender because the hair was soft and moisturized and my curls were elongated see 1st photo.  After my hair was completely dry the Mango pomade worked extremely well to define my curly fro see photo 2 close up.  I would recommend this product for anyone that wants only natural products with natural ingredients on their hair.  The aroma's are not overbearing and the results will be soft to the touch, moisturized fuller hair. 

Thank you CUSH Cosmetics!

Yours in service,

Danielle Green
Hair Artisan

Thank you!

I brought my daughters to see Danielle today, thanks to all the glowing reviews on I was not disapointed. We've been driving from Vegas to Long Beach, CA to see Richie Roman for years, but alas..he's relocating to the east coast. They both cut dry which is essential for curly hair. I'm used to seeing the Deva method, but I had complete confidence in Danielle's technique. She sat down with us for a consultation before the cut..making sure she understood the girls' hair and needs. My youngest is a 3a/3b and my oldest a 3b/3c. My youngest had hair to her waist and wanted it cut above her shoulders (donating to Locks Of Love). She did not have a clear picture of what she wanted other than length. Danielle did an amazing job with her new style. It's balanced, beautiful and flattering. My oldest wanted her A-line bob shaped back up as it was very grown out. It came out beautiful! super short at the nape with long layers at the front to just past her jawline. Exactly what she edgier version of what she came in with. Danielle also went over the styling a bit with the girls as well. We will definitely be returning and will be referring our other curly girls to Danielle.

The Art of Hair Coloring

 Hair colorist must take into consideration a few things to formulate color that's perfect for your target color..Here are the basics: 1st what is your natural hair color? Do you have existing color on your hair? What is your desired result? All of the above have a natural remaining pigment we must always think about: Natural Levels 1 thru 5 (black-light brown) has red to red orange remaining pigment when lightening. Levels 6-12 (dark blonde-pale blonde) has orange to yellow remaining pigment. What is natural remaining pigment? Its the tone that shows thru when seen in the light. Coloring hair is not only an art, but there is also science behind the formulation.

The Architecture of a Great Hair Cut

Like any great building, a great haircut has to be built on a solid foundation otherwise the haircut will collapse. I'm a hairstylist that enjoys the art of creating beautiful haircuts. One of my favorite educators from Aveda's Global Creative Team is Antoinette Beenders. I attended an advanced cutting and styling class with her and she used an analogy I really liked. She said, "Building a foundation into the hair is much like stacking bricks or pouring cement.  If there is no foundation laid we can't build anything on top.  As hairstylists, we imagine ourselves on a scaffold redistributing or adding weight to the hair with our scissors, razor or clippers."  Antoinette's message was an ahh haa moment for me many years ago and has stayed with me throughout my career .  I love being creative with hair color and use advanced techniques, but shaping the hair has always been a passion of mine. Take a look at one of the worlds most famous buildings, most people can recognize and know exactly where it is located because of its unique shape.

Mik So Chic is known for her striking beauty in the Arts and Fashion community here in Vegas, take a look at her recent shape and color and share your thoughts.

Let's meet over a haircut, and create a shape that's perfectly designed for you.

Danielle Green



Many thanks

Photo taken of Danielle Green by David Smalls for Hallmark Cards
Many thanks to my followers for stopping by my blog.  My wish to you all is for many beautiful hair days and blessings from up above showered down to you!


American Country Music Awards

I had the pleasure of doing Hair for Ashley Gearing, an up and coming Country Music Singer for the American Country Music Awards.  Ashley is a very sweet, humble and gracious young lady with a big beautiful voice!

Thanks again Ashley for inspiring my daughter to never give up on her dreams of singing and dancing!

Click here to find out more about Ashley and listen to her music---------->


Alnaturalhair via Twitter Salon Review

Out of the blue India came into my life.  I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing young lady that found me on salon finder.  India has combination curly hair with a mixture of African American and Indian heritage.  Her hair is 3c/4a fine and thick in density. Not only did we discuss similar natural hair tragedies, but discussed a possible natural hair summit here in Las Vegas.  Thank you India for bringing an energetic and inspirational push for me to become more active in the Las Vegas Natural hair community.  I look forward to creating a You Tube tutorial with you and educating more naturals on how to care for their hair in the desert. You Rock!
India before

India After


All things beautiful, sexy and curly!

Get lost with me in curly hair! Below is a link to the best blog for curly hair styles ever! Thanks again Taren's fb friend for sharing on FB!

Click on this link for curly hair style inspiration...


A Vacation in Manhattan Halloween 2010 at

Our intentions while in New York where to keep our eyes open and have a ton of fun, and that's exactly what happened.  We paid attention to the little things like the pace of  the people walking the streets to the different colors of the local businesses awnings as well as the architecture of the buildings.  We loved walking in Manhattan and feeling the culture and vibe of the city.  Taking the Subway at first was intimidating until my girl friend and I figured out what we needed to do to get where we wanted to go! We started on 13th street between 2nd and 3rd on the first morning there and ended up in Soho by the afternoon. Walking through Little Italy and actually having brunch there was cool too (sorry to say the food was just okay, but the service was great)! After walking all day we were thankful we wore comfy shoes and bundled up the last days of October in NYC and it was chilly. The final 2 days were filled with subway commutes to Central Park, Ground Zero and as far as the Meat Packing District.  Take a look at this video montage and hopefully you will get an idea of the different sights and scenes we explored.


Oprah's Ultimate Favorite things 2010

This morning I'm overwhelmed with emotion after watching Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. On this show she selects her "Ultimate Favorite Things" for the final season 2010 . Oprah decided to surprise Andre Walker, her hair stylist of 25 years by adding his products on her favorite things show.  The best thing that she could do for him was not only help him launch his own product line, but reveal it to millions of people across the world.

During the taping of this show, this is what happened:
It was business as usual for Oprah and her staff as they decide on the final list of her favorite things. Oprah asked Andre to come fix her hair while she was having a final meeting about the show. Oprah says to her staff, "there's one more thing I want to do.  Andre Walker is starting his own line of shampoo's, I would like to do his line of shampoo." The staff already new and everyone cheered and congratulated him because he made the cut!  His reaction was priceless and he couldn't speak. . Oprah said "nobody deserves it more!"  Andre said, "my mind went blank and I couldn't believe it." As he was crying, Oprah jokes around and says, "not a peep, not a poop all of these years and we finally broke him down!"

Andrew has only had Oprah Winfrey as his only client for 25 years! She wanted to give something back to him and this was BIG! 

Great job Oprah for giving her hair stylist Andre Walker a chance to see his dream come true.

I'm looking forward to purchasing his products, trying them out and  reviewing them here on my blog since Andre makes Oprah's hair look flawless on every show!

Congratulations Andre Walker you rock!

Danielle Green
Hair Artisan
Las Vegas, NV

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Ergo Brushes

The best round brushes I've ever used are back! They have a new design and upgraded technology!

 Click here to get The best Round Brush!

A snapshot of my email the founder of the company Mr. Robert Reed:

I've been a fan of Ergo products since 2005 and I'm glad to hear you are back. I am a hairdresser that specializes in curly hair and I love the Ergo brushes! Before moving to Vegas in 2005, I worked for an Aveda salon in Kansas City, MO.  One of my coworkers went to COSMOPROF 2005 in Vegas and bought only 1 of the largest Ergo brushes. She allowed me to try it out and to my immediate delight I fell in love!  After moving to Las Vegas, I became the Artistic Director at Upstage Salon, where I met Ashley Lyon, who worked at the front desk. She only had  to sit in my chair one time and she was sold on the brushes.  I convinced our salon owner to retail the brushes and the blow dryers.... needless to say, they sold themselves.

Fast forward to present day, not only do I have about 20 Ergo brushes, but also 3 hot pads, a hot razor, and 1 blow dryer. I tell my clients about them all the time. Last year I learned that Ergo was out of business.  I scoured the internet until I found 10 more brushes!  I didn't care what size the salon had to sell me, I just wanted what they had left. So here I am, finding out by way of Ashley that you are back in business and I'm thrilled! 

Welcome back and best wishes!

Danielle Green
Hair Artisans
Henderson, NV

A few of Mr. Reeds comments: 

Dear Danielle,
I am so thankful for your letter, which will rank as one of the most gratifying that I have ever received!

We are looking to expand further into Las Vegas and I am making plans to visit again on or about February 28th. I will be introducing our products to some salons in the area.

You will love the enhanced design and look of our new collection!


Taren Guy is one of my favorite You Tubers!

She's fierce, positive, real and chic! Go Taren! ♥


New Product Review c3

This product was recommended to me by a local distributor.  The goal was to find more products for us naturally curly girls and guys. I tried the product on my hair and below is my professional opinion.

On the front of the bottles the product indicates its Sulfate-Free and 100% Vegan
  •  c1 Gentle Foaming Cleanser (on back) silky, shiny, manageable curls begin with this richly foaming gentle cleanser.  Completely sulfate-free, natural coconut derived cleansers gently remove impurities while preserving hydration.  Rich argon oil imparts shine and manageability, leaving hair perfectly primed for rich conditioning.   Ingredients: Purified Water (Steam Distilled), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, cocamide MEA, Argan Oil (Moroccan), Glycol Distearate, Amodimethicone, Trideceth 12, Cetrimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium 10, Fragrance (parfum) Phenoxyethanol, Methylthiazolinone. 

  • c2 Beyond Condition (on back) Get instant, gorgeous natural curls with this super rich conditioning formula.  Infused with powerful Noni Berry extract, a super fruit and antioxidant, c2 Beyond Condition hydrates and softens.  Argan and avocado oils add shine and work to keep curls silky and manageable. Ingredients: Noniberry Extract in Steam Distilled Water, Dicetyl Diammonium Chloride, Quaternium 93, Moroccan Argan Oil, Avacado Oil, Pectin Fragrance Guar Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride Phenoxyethanol, Methylchloroisthiazolinone.

  • c3 Curl Control Balm Medium to Coarse Textures. A unique balm infused with Rosemary, specifically designed for medium to coarse hair textures, c3 Curl Conforming Balm is the perfect finale for gorgeous natural curls.  Balm controls, smooths and maintains curls with a touchable feel. Ingredients: Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Extract in Purified Water, Methyl Gluceth-10 (Corn), VP/Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Guar Plant), Phenyl Trimethicone, Amodimethicone, Trideceth 12, Cetrimonium Chloride, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (Amino Acid Derived) Phenoxyethanol, orange 4 ci 16230.

  • c3 Curl Conformer Mist Fine to Medium Textures. This innovative super-fine styling mist, specifically designed for fine to medium hair textures, is the perfect finale for gorgeous natural curls.  This mist controls, smooths and maintains curls with a touchable feel.  Ingredients:  Steam Distilled Water, VP/VA Copolymer, Vinylcaprolactaum/VP/Dimethylamin oethylmethacrylate Copolymer, Quaternium 93, Cetrimonium Chloride, Benzophenone-4 (Sunscreen), Fragrance, Red 33 Ci 17200. 

Below is my application and review.

The shampoo is rich in texture and has a fruity aroma and lathered up very well.  I thought my hair was squeaky clean afterward! Next I applied the conditioner then combed through my hair with a wide tooth comb.  After rinsing my hair felt light and silky.  I chose the c3 Curl Control Balm and this product initially felt good in my hair and had a lot of slippage. Diffused and viola, soft frizzy naked curls.  I did not like what happened to my curls at all.  This product reminded me of the Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner.   It was too light for my hair texture.  I tried the entire process again on a different day and sprayed the Curl Conformer Mist. This time instead of just diffusing as is, I twisted my hair in 2x2 square inch sections.  The result was fabulous! I loved that my hair looked moisturized and shiny after it completely dried. It didn't feel greasy or sticky, and definitely had some hold.

Although second day hair was a different story, my hair was stiff and felt as if it needed some additional oils to soften the curls.  I used the Adagir Argan Oil (a favorite of mine) to add movement to my hair.

I would recommend these products for most curly hair types.  Especially if you want a naked result (feels like there is no product on the hair). In addition, the light hold and appearance that the hair is moisturized is what I loved the most.  I would definitely retail this product in my salon.

Typically I don't research ingredients but appreciated a few of the natural ingredients found in these products (i.e. Purified Water, Rosemary Extract, Argan Oil, Noniberry Extract and Avocado Oils)

Below are a couple photos of how my hair looked after using the whole system. 

I covered my face because no makeup! lol!

Hopefully this review will be helpful when the product hits the market!

Danielle Green
Colorist and Shaping Expert