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Thanks again for your business Curlygrizzly!

  • Stylist:
    Salon Rating: 5 Scissors
    I have crazy curly hair, and I needed help. I typed curly hair in my search bar found this wonderful website and in it a salon with the greatest stylist I've ever met, Danielle. She is patient, actually listens and gives wonderful advice for your type of hair, and face shape, plus she is super nice. When I walked in, I was so tired with my hair that I was going to chop it off, she talked me of the ledge, and gave me the best hair cut i have gotten in years. Also the advice she gave me in how to style my hair helped me so much, people actually think that I got a perm, my curl is so defined and healthy looking, I'm never going to anyone else. If you have curly hair, and you're looking for help, Danielle is your stylist.

    Reviewed by Curlygrizzly on Sep 16, 2011


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Hey there! I just found several You Tube videos for 2011 Fall and 2012 Spring Trends...enjoy!

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