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Book your Brazilian Blowout and receive $80 off the service.  You will get a Brazilian Blowout by one our certified stylists for only $295! We will give you an at home maintenance kit which includes Anti Frizz Shampoo & Anti frizz Conditioner + Daily Smoothing Serum for free!



Girls on the Run of Las Vegas is dedicated to helping pre-teen girls realize just how incredible they are. Girls on the Run uses the power of running to prepare girls in 3rd-5th grades for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. With a detailed curriculum of games, activities, discussions, and running, girls experience the joy of simply being themselves!


Q-Redew Steamer Review

A portable Hair Steamer?  Yaaaasssssssssss! Okay people here's the scoop: I've spoken to most of my naturally curly clients about the benefits of using a steamer on their hair to MOISTURIZE! Read my review of the fabulous portable Q-ReDew.

Q-Redew hair steamer review:

This is a great tool to use at home or in hair salons to put moisture instantly into curly hair.  The most obvious feature is it's a portable hand held device. The water reservoir is on the front and the power button is located underneath the device which must be pushed on and held in while using. 

My first opportunity to use the Q-Redew was at the Natural hair expo in Las Vegas this fall. Natural & Sassy's founder Marita asked me if we would try it at our Curly Revolution booth and we got a great reception.  Many attendees were fascinated and curious as to how this small device could generate steam for natural hair.

The device is easy to use and as lightweight as some standard blow dryer's and would be perfect for the curly girl on the go. 

Once I plugged it in I immediately noticed a flaw.  The cord was very short and as a salon owner I would love to use this on my curly clients but I would need an extension cord. After powered on the small red led light will blink for about 30 secs while the water is heating up.  (A small amount of water must be poured into the reservoir first).  When the LED stays on red its time to steam. The only other problem that a consumer may have is that you have to hold down the power button to emit the steam. 

I took the Q-redew back to my salon and started testing it out on clients.  Again they were all surprised that this device that looks like a diffuser was actually steamer! We have began to recommend this tool as part of our consultations for our curly clients.

Overall, my final recommendation is to lengthen the power cord. The Q-redew should retail very well in the curly world especially dry climates or for curly clients with dehydrated hair.

Danielle Green

Q-Redew at Curly Revolution booth


Does education continue after beauty school? Sure hope so!

I've been in the business for over 20 years and yes I still invest in my career. Learning how to cut, color or style hair properly doesn't stop in cosmetology school, it continues long after you are licensed. If classes are available I take as many continuing education courses to fill up my calendar.  Why? Could it be because of the long term gain, or a new product line, new technology, a fresh set of eyes on the basics, new cutting and coloring techniques? ...Absolutely, all of the above.

A few of the major companies that I have trained with are Aveda, Redken, L'oreal, Paul Mitchell, and Toni & Guy. Taking advanced or continuing education allows me to stay current with the latest trends in the industry.  After hours, I watch  dozens professional hair cutting demo's on Youtube and subscriptions to  Fashion Week and behind the scenes footage. It makes my business more marketable, me more relevant and provides me with the necessary confidence to provide the perfect experience for each client that sits in my chair.

The next time you see your stylist, ask him or her when was the last time they took any classes and what was it for.  If you see your stylist once a month or bi monthly then this conversation should be initiated by him or her. I'm always excited to share what I've learned or the latest trends in fashion.
Not only because of the education but the experience. Priceless!

Education drives my business.

Danielle Green


News: Oklahoma School changes it's policies...and apologizes (a day late)

The simple thought that this beautiful little girls hair was deemed not "presentable" is ridiculous! 

The Curly Revolution applauds her parents for taking a stand and not conforming to one institutions opinions. It's sad that the institution was her ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!

#unconscioushumans #smh

“I wanted to show Tiana how much support she has not only from women and women and color, but from people around the world.” ~ Lana Boone, 26, a Silver Spring, Md.- based natural hair advocate and founder of Kurly Klips.

Read more on Tiana's story here:


The do's and dont's of skin care

via ~ Rodan & Fields (dermatologists and makers of ProActive Skin Care)


Hair Relaxer sales declined?

@curlyrEVOLution fact:
"Hair relaxer sales decline 26% over the past five years" reports Mintel

"The natural hair trend is driving an increase in sales of styling products such as styling moisturizers, setting lotions, curl creams, pomades, etc., but the increase has caused the relaxer segment to decline in sales," says Tonya Roberts, multicultural analyst at Mintel. "A look at expenditures from 2008-2013 shows steady growth in the Black haircare category for all categories except relaxers/perms."

If you are into numbers read this article:

Natural hair is NOT a trend it's here to stay! 


Sheryl Underwood gets "Nasty" on the TALK about "Natural Hair"

*In the clip above from her CBS show “The Talk,” Sheryl Underwood spoke out about “nappy” “Afro” hair during a discussion about Heidi Klum saving her children’s hair after it had been cut.
Klum’s children with ex-husband Seal have “huge Afros,” as she described them. Underwood responded, “Why would you save Afro hair?” She went on to imply that hair like that wasn’t desirable and woman in a hair shop would never ask for that “curly, nappy, beady” hair.

Sheryl's knee jerk reaction may have gotten her in hot water with her fans. What do you think?


What would you do?

This isn't happening in the United States, yet. Women are being robbed with scissors in Venezuela for their hair! WTW?

The thieves are known as Piranhas...


Celebrities Gone Naturally Wild!

This week has been one Natural Hair-Gasm after another.  We've got Rihanna posting pics on Instagram of her beautiful Naturally Curly Hair...who knew? Wouldn't you like to see her rock her natural hair more often?

AND then....
Oprah OMG! She even changed her Avatar pic on FB with her FRO-tastic cover of O magazine.

Alright girls, who is next?

Ok...time for a cig...jk I don't smoke.  But these ladies are smoking hot with their Natural Hair and the Natural community is buzzing! Sidebar: Oprah may have a little help with hers (just saying).




Strength of Nature, Tress Talk Brunch

Last week Curly rEVOLution had the pleasure to attend the Strength of Nature, Tress Talk Brunch at Mandalay Bay. Yay! We got to dress up and go to the Strip! As locals we don’t get to go there often. Anyhow, we met in a cozy conference room, had brunch and talked about as many things Curly as we could in a few hours. Special appearances were made by Founder, Michelle Bryer and Actress, Elise Neal (Scandal, CSI, The Hughley’s).

“We’ve Come a Long Way Baby,” as they say and boy have we come a long way in how women’s hair has evolved. A greater acceptance has emerged and more and more women are embracing their “natural curl.” Strength of Nature now features an affordable line of products targeted specifically at our various textures. Everyone was on board with the evolution (rEVOLution) which gave Danielle and I a lot  to smile about. The Curly rEVOLution we started in Las Vegas to ignite the passion in others to rock their natural hair is happening all over the country. More products are being developed for curly hair so stayed tuned.

Ms Breyer spoke about some interesting facts relating to the Curly hair care consumer.

Did you know? ...
  • 78% of people do not like their texture at some point in their life
  • Most people don't begin to accept their hair until their 20s
  • Natural hair is no longer a trend. Now that we have a broader definition of beauty, these are now accepted styles that will be here forever.

What do people base their curly hair products purchases on?
  • Price
  • Accessibility
  • Online reviews
  • Ingredients
  • Stylist recommendations
  • Friend and family recommendations
* Recommendations are much more important to the more coily types

It was a pleasure meeting all of the attendees and we look forward to more great news from you all to broadcast via the Curly rEVOLution. If you have news to share please send us an email at

Lauren Burke Bennett
Co-Founder Curly rEVOLution

SunKiss Alba on Youtube

Danielle recommends SunKissAlba on Youtube because she gives great tutorials on Curly Hair! This Video gives details on why she likes or dislikes certain products.  Good stuff! Thanks SunKissAlba!!!


The Bomber?? WTW?

It's true...this man had great curly hair and was a son, nephew, friend etc. But he will forever be known as a terrorist and yet made the cover of the Rolling Stones. As a specialist in "curly hair" I have had 1 customer bring me a picture of his haircut (but she blocked out his face) and later told me who he was...before I knew who he was I raved about his great curly hair but was irked that it was him deep down inside. What are your thoughts about him being on the cover curleez? 


Las Vegas Natural Hair Expo

Open to the public! Do not have to be a licensed cosmetologist to attend...For tickets go to


Steam treatments

Enjoying a few moments at the studio under the steamer.  I used a creamy delight and hair growth oil mixture by Desert Diva Locs. Summer months out here in Vegas naturally curly hair gets dried out easily.  I co-wash daily and shampoo once per week and when I can I treat myself to a hairapy session. 



We agree that getting the word out about Natural Hair is a beautiful thing...but have we taken this too far? Share your thoughts...

If I was in their shoes, I would not have made this choice. I do not like being touched by strangers and I don't want nasty, grabby hands all up in this luxurious nappy goodness. And ultimately, I don't like the idea of this "exhibit." You do not need to touch me nor should you ask to touch me because I look "different." I am not under any contract to "explain" my hair nor do I have to educate curious White folks about it--which seems to be the driving force behind this project. Google can do that for them and anyone else curious about my hair and hair like mine. And I assure you the Google Gods are more than willing to help on that quest. ~Alice in Nappyland article can be read here

From a recent interview with a supporter of the Curly Revolution;

As an African-American woman with curls that I am just now beginning to embrace, I have been met with many questions from my not-so African-American, not-so-curly counterparts concerning my hair. Everything from, "You have such nice hair for a black girl" to "Your curls are so beautiful; what are you mixed with?" to the infamous "can I touch it?". While I can understand the curiosity of those whose hair is different than mine, I do not like to be objectified by said curiosity. I believe that I can understand what this exhibit in New York hopes to address, however, I also think it does further objectify Black Women and the differences in our hair. Black Women, in my opinion, should not be put on display like animals in a zoo. I honestly still don't get the fascination. Natural Hair, Dreads, Relaxed- beauty is beauty and has every right to be admired, and is a form of art. And with most precious art, it is best to be admired and not touched.  ~Kenra



Raw Artists Las Vegas

Green Tease Fashions and Hair Artisans partnered to make a beautiful runway show at Raw Artist.

Raw Artists

Last night Alexa and I #RAWked the runway at the Palazzo for the Marvel event..


Good hair starts at home

The Event was a Success!

Thank you to all who attended!

Special thanks to Twanna Davis the founder of Diva Desert Locs
Creamy Delight Hair Moisturizer.

Hair Artisans & Curly rEVOLution


Danielle Green~Hair Artisan

Got Natural Hair...Kinky Hair?

Danielle Green at Hair Artisans strives to educate her clients on how to nourish their Natural hair.  She gives personal hair prescriptions on how often to trim, deep condition and what products can be used at home for maintenance.

****Pop Culture,  Mainstream Media and Hollywood are acknowledging that Natural hair "is a style" for many men, women and children.

Click here to check out her Natural and Naturally Curly Cuts. 



The best hairstyles are built on the foundation of a strong haircut~#DanielleGreen #HairArtisan #CurlyrEVOLution

Watch "STRUCTURE" on YouTube


Absolutely Andy Allo — Afrobella Interviews Prince’s New Protégé | Afrobella


I’m attending a Meetup with Naturally Curly Hair of Las Vegas



Please support our Natural Hair Cause

  • Target: Nevada State Board of Cosmetology
  • Sponsored by: Raw Remedies
We are petitioning the Nevada State Board Of Cosmetology to to allow the teaching of all Natural Hair Care such as Locks and twists. To embrace more cultural hair styles without the use of harmful chemicals. As it stands, the state board does not have Locks as a part of its licensing. Never has a hairstyle been so misunderstood and generated so many rumors. Who would have guessed that people would be so willing to put random house hold foods and products in their hair. You can infact, with a great deal of work and suffering, start locks in some hair types with honey and tree sap but like Chris Rock says, "You can drive a car with your feet but don't make it a good idea!"

Rumor: You do not wash locks. Hair must be dirty to lock.
Fact: If you do not wash your hair it will stink. Locked hair needs to be washed regularly just like un-locked hair. You can wash Locks just as you would wash a sponge, by working the soap in and then squeezing and rinsing repeatedly to get all the soap out... more


Hair Color

When your best girlfriends describe your hair color, what would they say about yours? She's a: 

  •  blonde
  • brunette
  • red head


The Consultation 

Let's talk about what your hair can do

Consider what you want to accomplish 

Bring photos of your dream hair style 

Let us assess your hair and help you decide if your goals are attainable and realistic

Relax and enjoy your Hairapy Session with your stylist          

The finest compliment you can give us is a referral or a review 
hair artisans 


12 year old with the longest hair and it's CURLY HAIR!!!

A real-life Rapunzel from Brazil has cut off her long locks for the first time in her life to give her family the fairytale home they always dreamed of, The Huffington Post UK reports.
Natasha Moraes de Andrade, 12, has been making waves with her long hair for years.
Nicknamed 'Rapunzel' by her schoolmates, Natasha has not cut her hair -- which at 5 feet, 2 inches long was only one inch shorter than her petite frame -- since she was a baby, the Sun reports.
But, as her mother Catarina pointed out, Natasha's hair had turned her into a"prisoner".
"I used to be afraid every time I went out that someone would grab my hair or try to cut it off," Natasha said, according to the Daily Mail, adding that it used to take her four hours every week to wash her long tresses and an hour and a half daily to brush it.
Finally, after years of stress, Natasha felt it was time to let go -- recently cutting her hair into a more manageable shoulder-length style, the Daily Mail reports.
With the $4,800 she earned from selling her hair, Natasha, who lives in a small, window-less room in a shanty town in Rio de Janeiro, is planning on getting a new house for her and her family, the Sun reports.
"Getting it cut has given me a new life," the schoolgirl said, stressing that she can now also do a lot of things which she couldn't do before.
With her new hairdo, Natasha said that she has been able to go cycling and to the beach. Her family added that they can now turn on the fan in the house without being afraid of Natasha's hair getting caught in it.
Though her long hair is gone, Natasha said her fairytale nickname has continued to haunt her, the Daily Mail reports.
"I thought it would stop when I had it cut, but people still stop me in the street," she said. "If I had a daughter of my own, she would also be a princess, but she would be Snow White, not Rapunzel. That would be much more practical."

READ THIS Story click below via


Thank you for our Yelp Reviews!!!

"WHO KNEW" Yelp has Filtered Reviews???

6 Filtered Reviews for Hair Artisans

 Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating.
Photo of Ingrid M.
  • 0friends
  • 3reviews
5.0 star rating
Danielle is a fantastic stylist! She is very knowledgeable, professional and is an expertise with naturally curly hair. It is very hard to find a great stylist, and I am so glad she was recommended to me!
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Photo of Marlaina B.
  • 0friends
  • 1review
5.0 star rating
Danielle Green is an absolute master of hair. I have been going to Danielle for many years and I would never let anyone else touch my hair.  Danielle takes her time with clients, she listens, offers her expert opinion, and each time, the outcome is perfection!  I receive so many compliments - the cut (she is a shaping expert!), highlights, lowlights and blowouts - all thanks to Danielle! Not only is she a beautiful person inside and out, she's polite, caring, considerate, punctual and very knowledgeable and professional.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful and healthy hair! I adore Danielle in and out of the salon! She truly is the best in the business!
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Photo of sara h.
  • 0friends
  • 2reviews
5.0 star rating
Awesome!!!! Good atmosphere and Great cut. I went in with limp hair, and came out with so much volume I couldn't stop smiling. I have thick, course and dry hair and wanted something that would work with that.

She asked about my daily hair routine and I gave her a few pictures and explained I didn't want to flat iron every day, and she delivered it.

In addition, the atmosphere was more private than regular salons, no forced conversations. It felt comfortable in there.

I found a new hair stylist :)
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Photo of Sara S.
  • 0friends
  • 3reviews
5.0 star rating
Wow! What a difference it makes to have someone who understands your hair, styling it! I finally decided to research and find someone who specializes in curly hair. I was attending a wedding in Vegas and needed it cut. After a lot of research (and finding no one in my area, Northern CA) I came across Danielle and all of the wonderful yelp reviews. Now my hair is amazing! I'm once again proud to have curly hair rather than pulling it back. She did so amazing she actually accentuated the shape of my face and head, and I feel beautiful again! Needless to say I will be traveling back to Henderson every 8 to 10 weeks. Thank you SOOOOOOO much Danielle!
Comment from Danielle G. of Hair Artisans 7/12/2011
Thank you Sara for the review, and I look forward to seeing you soon xoxo
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Photo of Sabrina S.
  • 2friends
  • 1review
5.0 star rating
Danielle is FABOLOUS! Very warm and inviting but most of all she takes the time to get to know you and YOUR hair. She is not a cookie-cutter stylist...she knows what she's doing.
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Photo of Lauren B.
  • 6friends
  • 11reviews
5.0 star rating

Danielle is the Edward Scissor Hands of cutting curly hair! She has "Golden Hands." I have lived in many places in my life and haven't found anyone as capable, qualified and pleasant to be around as Danielle. She has a true vested interest in meeting and exceeding the expectations of her clients every time she sees them. Over time she encouraged me to wear my hair curly and once I did she gave me the tools, confidence and know how to carry it off without much effort. In my mind, it's all about a good hair cut. Danielle gives me a flawless cut every time that I can wear both straight and curly without much work. Her attention to detail and understanding of curly hair make her that much more special because if you are curly too, you understand our frustrations. She has educated me beyond belief..... I had no idea how many different types of curly heads there were! If we are in a social setting, people approach her constantly, asking her about her hair. She always politely provides them with information on their hair or on the numerous products we use to maintain our locks. Don't hesitate to reach out to Danielle because she is a hair connoisseur and never seems to be off the clock to discuss curly hair. She is a consummate professional and will continue to do well as a hair dressing master. She has truly mastered it! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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