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CUSH Cosmetics Product Review

Immediately I noticed how soft, and hydrated my hair felt after one use.  Cleansed with Hydrate Me and conditioned with Moisturize Me Conditioner,  I loved how slippery my hair felt as I was using the 2 products.  I followed up with Uncoiled to detangle then layered the Curl Extender on top as a leave-in.  My favorite product is the Curl Extender because the hair was soft and moisturized and my curls were elongated see 1st photo.  After my hair was completely dry the Mango pomade worked extremely well to define my curly fro see photo 2 close up.  I would recommend this product for anyone that wants only natural products with natural ingredients on their hair.  The aroma's are not overbearing and the results will be soft to the touch, moisturized fuller hair. 

Thank you CUSH Cosmetics!

Yours in service,

Danielle Green
Hair Artisan

Thank you!

I brought my daughters to see Danielle today, thanks to all the glowing reviews on I was not disapointed. We've been driving from Vegas to Long Beach, CA to see Richie Roman for years, but alas..he's relocating to the east coast. They both cut dry which is essential for curly hair. I'm used to seeing the Deva method, but I had complete confidence in Danielle's technique. She sat down with us for a consultation before the cut..making sure she understood the girls' hair and needs. My youngest is a 3a/3b and my oldest a 3b/3c. My youngest had hair to her waist and wanted it cut above her shoulders (donating to Locks Of Love). She did not have a clear picture of what she wanted other than length. Danielle did an amazing job with her new style. It's balanced, beautiful and flattering. My oldest wanted her A-line bob shaped back up as it was very grown out. It came out beautiful! super short at the nape with long layers at the front to just past her jawline. Exactly what she edgier version of what she came in with. Danielle also went over the styling a bit with the girls as well. We will definitely be returning and will be referring our other curly girls to Danielle.

The Art of Hair Coloring

 Hair colorist must take into consideration a few things to formulate color that's perfect for your target color..Here are the basics: 1st what is your natural hair color? Do you have existing color on your hair? What is your desired result? All of the above have a natural remaining pigment we must always think about: Natural Levels 1 thru 5 (black-light brown) has red to red orange remaining pigment when lightening. Levels 6-12 (dark blonde-pale blonde) has orange to yellow remaining pigment. What is natural remaining pigment? Its the tone that shows thru when seen in the light. Coloring hair is not only an art, but there is also science behind the formulation.

The Architecture of a Great Hair Cut

Like any great building, a great haircut has to be built on a solid foundation otherwise the haircut will collapse. I'm a hairstylist that enjoys the art of creating beautiful haircuts. One of my favorite educators from Aveda's Global Creative Team is Antoinette Beenders. I attended an advanced cutting and styling class with her and she used an analogy I really liked. She said, "Building a foundation into the hair is much like stacking bricks or pouring cement.  If there is no foundation laid we can't build anything on top.  As hairstylists, we imagine ourselves on a scaffold redistributing or adding weight to the hair with our scissors, razor or clippers."  Antoinette's message was an ahh haa moment for me many years ago and has stayed with me throughout my career .  I love being creative with hair color and use advanced techniques, but shaping the hair has always been a passion of mine. Take a look at one of the worlds most famous buildings, most people can recognize and know exactly where it is located because of its unique shape.

Mik So Chic is known for her striking beauty in the Arts and Fashion community here in Vegas, take a look at her recent shape and color and share your thoughts.

Let's meet over a haircut, and create a shape that's perfectly designed for you.

Danielle Green