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Steam treatments

Enjoying a few moments at the studio under the steamer.  I used a creamy delight and hair growth oil mixture by Desert Diva Locs. Summer months out here in Vegas naturally curly hair gets dried out easily.  I co-wash daily and shampoo once per week and when I can I treat myself to a hairapy session. 



We agree that getting the word out about Natural Hair is a beautiful thing...but have we taken this too far? Share your thoughts...

If I was in their shoes, I would not have made this choice. I do not like being touched by strangers and I don't want nasty, grabby hands all up in this luxurious nappy goodness. And ultimately, I don't like the idea of this "exhibit." You do not need to touch me nor should you ask to touch me because I look "different." I am not under any contract to "explain" my hair nor do I have to educate curious White folks about it--which seems to be the driving force behind this project. Google can do that for them and anyone else curious about my hair and hair like mine. And I assure you the Google Gods are more than willing to help on that quest. ~Alice in Nappyland article can be read here

From a recent interview with a supporter of the Curly Revolution;

As an African-American woman with curls that I am just now beginning to embrace, I have been met with many questions from my not-so African-American, not-so-curly counterparts concerning my hair. Everything from, "You have such nice hair for a black girl" to "Your curls are so beautiful; what are you mixed with?" to the infamous "can I touch it?". While I can understand the curiosity of those whose hair is different than mine, I do not like to be objectified by said curiosity. I believe that I can understand what this exhibit in New York hopes to address, however, I also think it does further objectify Black Women and the differences in our hair. Black Women, in my opinion, should not be put on display like animals in a zoo. I honestly still don't get the fascination. Natural Hair, Dreads, Relaxed- beauty is beauty and has every right to be admired, and is a form of art. And with most precious art, it is best to be admired and not touched.  ~Kenra