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My Current Obsession~Rihanna

 I had the pleasure of seeing Rihanna at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  Wow, she is even more beautiful in person!  Although we made eye contact I doubt that she would remember me.  I was heading in the opposite direction to do hair for an artist for the Academy of Country Music Red Carpet event. She was walking with her entourage while her fans were squirming around to take pictures.  Her hair caught my attention, then behind those curly tresses I saw her beautiful face...flawless, like a sun kissed porcelain doll.  In the 5 seconds it took me to observe her it felt like time stood still as I watched her walk past me.  I'm obsessed with her new look the red wigs, and hair pieces.   The look is as funky, and flirtatious as her music.  She's definitely a trend setter for hair fashion and I admire her as a singer and her strength as a strong black woman.  

All photos from google images