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Alnaturalhair via Twitter Salon Review

Out of the blue India came into my life.  I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing young lady that found me on salon finder.  India has combination curly hair with a mixture of African American and Indian heritage.  Her hair is 3c/4a fine and thick in density. Not only did we discuss similar natural hair tragedies, but discussed a possible natural hair summit here in Las Vegas.  Thank you India for bringing an energetic and inspirational push for me to become more active in the Las Vegas Natural hair community.  I look forward to creating a You Tube tutorial with you and educating more naturals on how to care for their hair in the desert. You Rock!
India before

India After


All things beautiful, sexy and curly!

Get lost with me in curly hair! Below is a link to the best blog for curly hair styles ever! Thanks again Taren's fb friend for sharing on FB!

Click on this link for curly hair style inspiration...


A Vacation in Manhattan Halloween 2010 at

Our intentions while in New York where to keep our eyes open and have a ton of fun, and that's exactly what happened.  We paid attention to the little things like the pace of  the people walking the streets to the different colors of the local businesses awnings as well as the architecture of the buildings.  We loved walking in Manhattan and feeling the culture and vibe of the city.  Taking the Subway at first was intimidating until my girl friend and I figured out what we needed to do to get where we wanted to go! We started on 13th street between 2nd and 3rd on the first morning there and ended up in Soho by the afternoon. Walking through Little Italy and actually having brunch there was cool too (sorry to say the food was just okay, but the service was great)! After walking all day we were thankful we wore comfy shoes and bundled up the last days of October in NYC and it was chilly. The final 2 days were filled with subway commutes to Central Park, Ground Zero and as far as the Meat Packing District.  Take a look at this video montage and hopefully you will get an idea of the different sights and scenes we explored.


Oprah's Ultimate Favorite things 2010

This morning I'm overwhelmed with emotion after watching Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. On this show she selects her "Ultimate Favorite Things" for the final season 2010 . Oprah decided to surprise Andre Walker, her hair stylist of 25 years by adding his products on her favorite things show.  The best thing that she could do for him was not only help him launch his own product line, but reveal it to millions of people across the world.

During the taping of this show, this is what happened:
It was business as usual for Oprah and her staff as they decide on the final list of her favorite things. Oprah asked Andre to come fix her hair while she was having a final meeting about the show. Oprah says to her staff, "there's one more thing I want to do.  Andre Walker is starting his own line of shampoo's, I would like to do his line of shampoo." The staff already new and everyone cheered and congratulated him because he made the cut!  His reaction was priceless and he couldn't speak. . Oprah said "nobody deserves it more!"  Andre said, "my mind went blank and I couldn't believe it." As he was crying, Oprah jokes around and says, "not a peep, not a poop all of these years and we finally broke him down!"

Andrew has only had Oprah Winfrey as his only client for 25 years! She wanted to give something back to him and this was BIG! 

Great job Oprah for giving her hair stylist Andre Walker a chance to see his dream come true.

I'm looking forward to purchasing his products, trying them out and  reviewing them here on my blog since Andre makes Oprah's hair look flawless on every show!

Congratulations Andre Walker you rock!

Danielle Green
Hair Artisan
Las Vegas, NV

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