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Strength of Nature, Tress Talk Brunch

Last week Curly rEVOLution had the pleasure to attend the Strength of Nature, Tress Talk Brunch at Mandalay Bay. Yay! We got to dress up and go to the Strip! As locals we don’t get to go there often. Anyhow, we met in a cozy conference room, had brunch and talked about as many things Curly as we could in a few hours. Special appearances were made by Founder, Michelle Bryer and Actress, Elise Neal (Scandal, CSI, The Hughley’s).

“We’ve Come a Long Way Baby,” as they say and boy have we come a long way in how women’s hair has evolved. A greater acceptance has emerged and more and more women are embracing their “natural curl.” Strength of Nature now features an affordable line of products targeted specifically at our various textures. Everyone was on board with the evolution (rEVOLution) which gave Danielle and I a lot  to smile about. The Curly rEVOLution we started in Las Vegas to ignite the passion in others to rock their natural hair is happening all over the country. More products are being developed for curly hair so stayed tuned.

Ms Breyer spoke about some interesting facts relating to the Curly hair care consumer.

Did you know? ...
  • 78% of people do not like their texture at some point in their life
  • Most people don't begin to accept their hair until their 20s
  • Natural hair is no longer a trend. Now that we have a broader definition of beauty, these are now accepted styles that will be here forever.

What do people base their curly hair products purchases on?
  • Price
  • Accessibility
  • Online reviews
  • Ingredients
  • Stylist recommendations
  • Friend and family recommendations
* Recommendations are much more important to the more coily types

It was a pleasure meeting all of the attendees and we look forward to more great news from you all to broadcast via the Curly rEVOLution. If you have news to share please send us an email at

Lauren Burke Bennett
Co-Founder Curly rEVOLution

SunKiss Alba on Youtube

Danielle recommends SunKissAlba on Youtube because she gives great tutorials on Curly Hair! This Video gives details on why she likes or dislikes certain products.  Good stuff! Thanks SunKissAlba!!!


The Bomber?? WTW?

It's true...this man had great curly hair and was a son, nephew, friend etc. But he will forever be known as a terrorist and yet made the cover of the Rolling Stones. As a specialist in "curly hair" I have had 1 customer bring me a picture of his haircut (but she blocked out his face) and later told me who he was...before I knew who he was I raved about his great curly hair but was irked that it was him deep down inside. What are your thoughts about him being on the cover curleez? 


Las Vegas Natural Hair Expo

Open to the public! Do not have to be a licensed cosmetologist to attend...For tickets go to