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Ergo Brushes

The best round brushes I've ever used are back! They have a new design and upgraded technology!

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A snapshot of my email the founder of the company Mr. Robert Reed:

I've been a fan of Ergo products since 2005 and I'm glad to hear you are back. I am a hairdresser that specializes in curly hair and I love the Ergo brushes! Before moving to Vegas in 2005, I worked for an Aveda salon in Kansas City, MO.  One of my coworkers went to COSMOPROF 2005 in Vegas and bought only 1 of the largest Ergo brushes. She allowed me to try it out and to my immediate delight I fell in love!  After moving to Las Vegas, I became the Artistic Director at Upstage Salon, where I met Ashley Lyon, who worked at the front desk. She only had  to sit in my chair one time and she was sold on the brushes.  I convinced our salon owner to retail the brushes and the blow dryers.... needless to say, they sold themselves.

Fast forward to present day, not only do I have about 20 Ergo brushes, but also 3 hot pads, a hot razor, and 1 blow dryer. I tell my clients about them all the time. Last year I learned that Ergo was out of business.  I scoured the internet until I found 10 more brushes!  I didn't care what size the salon had to sell me, I just wanted what they had left. So here I am, finding out by way of Ashley that you are back in business and I'm thrilled! 

Welcome back and best wishes!

Danielle Green
Hair Artisans
Henderson, NV

A few of Mr. Reeds comments: 

Dear Danielle,
I am so thankful for your letter, which will rank as one of the most gratifying that I have ever received!

We are looking to expand further into Las Vegas and I am making plans to visit again on or about February 28th. I will be introducing our products to some salons in the area.

You will love the enhanced design and look of our new collection!