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Resolution or Revolution

At this time of year, everyone is busy deciding what they want to do different in the upcoming year.  Cleaning out the closets to make room for storing all the Christmas ornaments gets people in the mood for a figurative cleaning out as well. 

We are embarking on a new year and new decade.  This decade brings with it some blessings and possibly some unwanted baggage as well.

QUESTION:  What will you do different or do the same that will help to ensure that you are a blessing to others and inspire others in the new decade?

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Tue, 28 Dec 2010 21:35:45
Good question. I had a good experience with the Help Out group (via facebook) a few weeks ago. Myself along with a few other business professionals, gathered together to offer advice on preparing for times of change in our suffering economy. My inspiration was "How to have a good beauty day". The audience was very receptive to all our ideas which included: resume writing, budgeting, pilates and yoga, embracing our youth, and beauty. My goal is to continue to educate and encourage the community and Help Out wherever and however I can. :)

Teena Marie

Where was I when I heard the news? I was at home surfing my News Feed on Facebook. Sent an inbox message to a friend for confirmation and less than a minute later he posted R.I.P Teena Marie.  Its hard to believe that Teena died at such an early age for reasons unknown.

Some of my childhood memories included me at home singing to her music in front of the mirror. It was 1978 or 1979 when I performed to her hit "Square Biz" in my 6th grade talent show.  The fact that she was a white woman meant something to me, but I didn't know what it was exactly at the time.  There I was, 9 years old finding out a few years prior I was adopted and my ethnic heritage was unclear, yet could identify with this white woman who had more soul then some of my own black family.  It was 2001 when I found out that my biological mother was white (Italian/Irish/Indian) and my biological father (black).  I never met my biological mother because she died at 47.  I have a feeling that she was a soul sister and loved the Star Child-Teena Marie.

Teena paved the way for many white women to embrace their soulful voices, like Lisa Stansfield, Duffy, Adele, Joss Stone, Christina and Mariah.  These women possibly crossed over more quickly into R&B charts because of her. She will be missed, and never forgotten. Hopefully a beautiful tribute will be done soon to show how instrumental she was for in the world of R&B music.


Middle Aged Women and Long Hair
Johnny Hernandez/Getty Images
As a 40 year old hair stylist of 20+ years, I find that Middle-Aged Women sit in my chair often times posing the question "am I too old for longer hair?" My response has always been and will always be "its not about your age, its about how you feel while your wearing longer hair. If you feel fabulous and wear it with confidence then who cares what the baby boomers think?
Danielle Green
Hair Artisan
Las Vegas, NV


Farouk Systems wins $300 Million Settlement

Finally, Farouk Systems, a beauty company wins a legal battle over identity theft. This is the largest judgment ever issued for trademark infringement.    Basically, impostors have stolen internet domain names and also created fake CHI products and Flatirons and sold them under the name CHI for dirt cheap.  Not only have these products ruined a lot of hair, but  as a salon owner I've lost potential sales of legitimate products and tools.  

Congrats Farouk Systems! You deserve it!


Pin up Looks and Fall "Foilage"

                                                     (photo courtesy
I've received several requests at my studio salon this week for 40's and 50's pin up hair styles to wear to special events. My question is: What's the push for pinup hairstyles? Is Katie Perry responsible for bringing this look back into pop culture?

What about Rockabilly's?  The original term came from a genre of music that has now evolved into a counter-culture of music, style, tattoos, vintage clothing and of course pin up inspired hair.


This time of year brings about a different vibe all together when it comes to hair fashion. Color trends go to darker shades of blonde highlights and richer, warmer reds and brunettes.  Lengths become shorter as necklines rise for women and men tend to grow the hair longer to keep those handsome heads warm in the fall and winter months.  I'm one of the few women that likes to add hair extensions during the cooler season to change up my looks.

(the above photos were pulled from google images)

(In this photo I've added clip-in hair extensions on the sides and back and eyelash extensions)
My inspiration comes from classic looks that have been staples for me over time, sleek chignons, big curly ponytail hairpieces and long clip-in hair extensions.I seem to always go with what works for my face shape and body type.  But, I do enjoy staying current with the latest trends in fashion from the runways, magazines, music videos and my latest find Lastly, I love taking advanced coloring and cutting classes to keep my skills sharp and keep my clients happy.

While I brush up on my 40's and 50's pin up styles for this season, what inspires you to change or enhance your looks at this time of year, I'd love to hear?

Happy Autumn


Fall Fragrance

What inspires you to where perfume, body spray, or scented oils? This video makes me want to try Gucci Guilty...


Size does matter...Really?

In the Midwest back in the early 90's, not only was I not skinny enough (size 6 in the photo on the left) but I wasn't black enough or white enough for most modeling agencies. Yes, we've come a long way with more women of color on print, tv and runway. Unfortunately, today in 2010 size does matter, it's the "new discr...imination against women" as it relates to Haute Couture modeling. Will we continue "buying" that the ideal image for women should be size zero and weigh less than 100 pounds in high fashion? Tell me your thoughts... ~Danielle Green



When I was asked to write an article on Beauty for The Secret La Revista, I immediately looked up the word in the dictionary and reflected on a childhood lesson from my mother.
Webster’s says;
Beauty <noun>
the qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit

Since my mother was a hairdresser in the beauty industry her definition of beauty when I was young was, "It doesn't matter how beautiful you are on the outside...what matters is how beautiful you are on the inside".  This thought has echoed in my spirit all my life and helped me to develop my character. Over time I’ve learned how to channel my mind and spirit to radiate beauty from within much like the dictionary definition describes it above.
I decided to follow in my mother's footsteps and become a hairdresser. I saw her ability to express her creativity through hairdressing and I felt a passion to do it as well. I saw how she was able to connect with her clients and bring their beauty out. Working in the industry has allowed to me to not only see but feel what she taught me on a personal and spiritual level. I realize that through working with clients, listening to their issues and transforming their tresses, I too am able to give them a sense of beauty both inside and outside.
In the end, the definition that Webster describes as beauty is seemingly more powerful than I thought when I initially looked it up. What my mom was trying to teach me was congruent to Webster’s definition of the word but exponentially more meaningful because not only is she is my mother, "the expert on beauty" but beauty truly lies within your mind and spirit.

Tip:  Become beauty that's lit within and share with others.


hair by Antoinette Beenders~Aveda

My definition: the art of caring for your hair at home or with a professional stylist

Hey there, to my friends with quirky tresses! I know how difficult it can be figuring out what to do with your hair at home, or better yet what might happen in the chair at a hair salon. Just like visiting your doctor or dentist, a knowledgeable hair stylist will find out exactly what to prescribe to help with your hair woes. We know how to assess your hair type as well as how to ask the appropriate questions to find out what you like, and what you don't.

Today at the salon, I over heard some clients talking about their "at home regimen." After listening to their processes I found out that these ladies were in need of some "Hairapy".

A few words of wisdom:

Always seek a professional hair colorist for your hair coloring needs and desires. Over the counter hair color box kits may seem attractive and trustworthy but a kitchen beautician may find themselves in the salon asking for a color correction with a high price tag to fix a mistake.

Do not, I repeat do not try to chemically relax or permanently wave your hair yourself! We all have heard horror stories and may have endured the torture from a over zealous mom that "knows" what she is doing and you better not question her either. Again, leave these treatments to the professionals because these products contain harmful chemicals that could destroy your hair and skin if not used properly.

May I also stress that you consider donating your "at home" scissors and thinning shears to the arts and craft section of your home, don't use on your hair. It's worth every penny to invest in a haircut every 5-10 weeks depending your hair style. For those of you with a fringe or "bang", most salons will give a complimentary bang trim or charge a minimal fee for the quick service. Otherwise, I think you know what an at home bang trim could possibly lead too...

Next, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER brush your hair while it is wet! The hair is at a weaker state and fragile when it is wet. Instead use a wide tooth comb or a pick and start de-tangling the hair by working from the ends up to the roots. Use smaller sections so you will have control of the hair.

Lastly, Pahhhleeeease turn down the heat on those flat irons and curling irons! Hair is similar to fabric and when the heat is too high it can burn the hair. Imagine putting a cloth in the oven and setting the temperature to 450 degrees, what will happen? FIRE! Better yet, a "pocket curl," (a curl that sticks to the curling iron and detaches from your head, so you put it in your pocket as if it never happened) lol!

There are many products available to protect the hair from heat elements on the market like Aveda's Brilliant Damage Control Spray, or Its at 10 Leave-In Conditioner. Knowing what products and tools to use can prevent dehydrating the hair which will ultimately protect and promote beautifully, healthy, shiny hair.

Stick to these few tips and you will be on your way to keeping your hair strong and healthy. Remember, sometimes it's very easy to slack off on purchasing the better products for our hair. Sometimes it's because of the cost and sometimes it's due to the proliferation of them. With so many products out there, how could we possibly know which is best and which to chose? Ask the professionals !!!!

Danielle Green
Hair Dressing Master
Las Vegas, NV


Cutting curly hair

photo courtesy-

Beware of salon websites that sell products for curly hair.  Some salon owners have chosen to sell the product for revenue purposes only, but he or she may not know enough about "curly or textured" hair to cut it.  Do some research and find out if the salon owner really specializes in cutting curly hair.  Ask if there is someone in the salon that has curly hair too, because hair stylists with curly hair usually can identify with your curly tresses.  You don't want to walk out of the salon with a triangle or square shaped afro!

Remember to ask the right questions and good luck!


How to create BIG hair at home

How to create big hair at home
Volume (adj)
Definition: involving large quantities
Tools needed: Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and or Mousse or Styling tonic, hair pins, velcro rollers or round brushes and a blow dryer with an air director on the tip

Many women who have fine hair want more volume in their tresses to create the illusion they have thicker hair. Based on the density or the amount of hair per square inch, volume can be achieved with a combination of styling products and tools. Today, because the beauty industry is a multimillion dollar industry, it offers too many Volumizing products to name here. Below is a small list of suggestions on what to do at home to create the look you want.

Start by cleansing and conditioning the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner especially for fine hair.

Towel dry the hair to get the water weight out or the water will extend the drying time and not allow the Volumizing products to do their work.

Add a mousse or styling tonic only at the roots. Over doing this will cause the hair to be stiff and the strands will stick together.

Flip your head over and use your fingers to lift the hair at the root and blow dry until the root area is dry and lifted. Leaving the ends 75% damp, flip your head back up and section the hair. By sectioning the hair to roller set or blow dry will make your big hair look neat and polished.

Next, you can either add Velcro rollers and set the hair (let the hair dry completely before taking rollers out), or use a round brush and after each section pin the curl into place (as in the photo below).

After doing your make up and getting dressed, you can then take out the rollers and pins, finger style into place and reveal your big beautiful head of hair.

Beauty Tip: Fine hair CAN have the illusion of large quantities of hair!

Cut Color and Style by
Danielle Green
Hair Dressing Master

The Recession has brought about a change in the beauty industry

Definition: to make different, alter or transform

We've all noticed one thing or another that has changed over the past year due to the recession. I've noticed how the recession has changed my income behind the chair. A few of my clients have lost their jobs this year.  But, they still need their hair cut and
colored.  Do I let them walk out the door without any alternatives?  Do I risk never seeing them again? NO!

My encouragement to other hairstylists in the industry has been to be more creative with their service offerings until we see the economy turn around a bit.... discounting their services or hosting something like discounted Haircuts for Career Day.
This may inspire them to go on that job interview with the confidence they need to get that next job.  Otherwise, the alternative is they may never get a foot in the
door with a bad hair day! Not only will you feel fulfilled by giving back to your community during this tough economy, but your client will always remember that moment
you helped to transform their life.

Beauty Tip:  Be the change behind the chair and you will make a difference in someones life. 

Color Cut and Style by
Danielle Green
Hair Dressing Master
Las Vegas, NV

Natural Hair

Natural Hair

For all you natural hair women
Remember this
not about
how straight your hair is
how much you look like a model
the woman in the office
with long flowing

it is about what's 
that natural head of hair 
that counts.
 You may want to
 burn your scalp 
or press your curls.
remember this sista 
it's always about
inside you girl.

poem by 
Danielle Green

 products used: Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner