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The best hairstyles are built on the foundation of a strong haircut~#DanielleGreen #HairArtisan #CurlyrEVOLution

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Please support our Natural Hair Cause

  • Target: Nevada State Board of Cosmetology
  • Sponsored by: Raw Remedies
We are petitioning the Nevada State Board Of Cosmetology to to allow the teaching of all Natural Hair Care such as Locks and twists. To embrace more cultural hair styles without the use of harmful chemicals. As it stands, the state board does not have Locks as a part of its licensing. Never has a hairstyle been so misunderstood and generated so many rumors. Who would have guessed that people would be so willing to put random house hold foods and products in their hair. You can infact, with a great deal of work and suffering, start locks in some hair types with honey and tree sap but like Chris Rock says, "You can drive a car with your feet but don't make it a good idea!"

Rumor: You do not wash locks. Hair must be dirty to lock.
Fact: If you do not wash your hair it will stink. Locked hair needs to be washed regularly just like un-locked hair. You can wash Locks just as you would wash a sponge, by working the soap in and then squeezing and rinsing repeatedly to get all the soap out... more


Hair Color

When your best girlfriends describe your hair color, what would they say about yours? She's a: 

  •  blonde
  • brunette
  • red head


The Consultation 

Let's talk about what your hair can do

Consider what you want to accomplish 

Bring photos of your dream hair style 

Let us assess your hair and help you decide if your goals are attainable and realistic

Relax and enjoy your Hairapy Session with your stylist          

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12 year old with the longest hair and it's CURLY HAIR!!!

A real-life Rapunzel from Brazil has cut off her long locks for the first time in her life to give her family the fairytale home they always dreamed of, The Huffington Post UK reports.
Natasha Moraes de Andrade, 12, has been making waves with her long hair for years.
Nicknamed 'Rapunzel' by her schoolmates, Natasha has not cut her hair -- which at 5 feet, 2 inches long was only one inch shorter than her petite frame -- since she was a baby, the Sun reports.
But, as her mother Catarina pointed out, Natasha's hair had turned her into a"prisoner".
"I used to be afraid every time I went out that someone would grab my hair or try to cut it off," Natasha said, according to the Daily Mail, adding that it used to take her four hours every week to wash her long tresses and an hour and a half daily to brush it.
Finally, after years of stress, Natasha felt it was time to let go -- recently cutting her hair into a more manageable shoulder-length style, the Daily Mail reports.
With the $4,800 she earned from selling her hair, Natasha, who lives in a small, window-less room in a shanty town in Rio de Janeiro, is planning on getting a new house for her and her family, the Sun reports.
"Getting it cut has given me a new life," the schoolgirl said, stressing that she can now also do a lot of things which she couldn't do before.
With her new hairdo, Natasha said that she has been able to go cycling and to the beach. Her family added that they can now turn on the fan in the house without being afraid of Natasha's hair getting caught in it.
Though her long hair is gone, Natasha said her fairytale nickname has continued to haunt her, the Daily Mail reports.
"I thought it would stop when I had it cut, but people still stop me in the street," she said. "If I had a daughter of my own, she would also be a princess, but she would be Snow White, not Rapunzel. That would be much more practical."

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Photo of Ingrid M.
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  • 3reviews
5.0 star rating
Danielle is a fantastic stylist! She is very knowledgeable, professional and is an expertise with naturally curly hair. It is very hard to find a great stylist, and I am so glad she was recommended to me!
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Photo of Marlaina B.
  • 0friends
  • 1review
5.0 star rating
Danielle Green is an absolute master of hair. I have been going to Danielle for many years and I would never let anyone else touch my hair.  Danielle takes her time with clients, she listens, offers her expert opinion, and each time, the outcome is perfection!  I receive so many compliments - the cut (she is a shaping expert!), highlights, lowlights and blowouts - all thanks to Danielle! Not only is she a beautiful person inside and out, she's polite, caring, considerate, punctual and very knowledgeable and professional.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful and healthy hair! I adore Danielle in and out of the salon! She truly is the best in the business!
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Photo of sara h.
  • 0friends
  • 2reviews
5.0 star rating
Awesome!!!! Good atmosphere and Great cut. I went in with limp hair, and came out with so much volume I couldn't stop smiling. I have thick, course and dry hair and wanted something that would work with that.

She asked about my daily hair routine and I gave her a few pictures and explained I didn't want to flat iron every day, and she delivered it.

In addition, the atmosphere was more private than regular salons, no forced conversations. It felt comfortable in there.

I found a new hair stylist :)
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Photo of Sara S.
  • 0friends
  • 3reviews
5.0 star rating
Wow! What a difference it makes to have someone who understands your hair, styling it! I finally decided to research and find someone who specializes in curly hair. I was attending a wedding in Vegas and needed it cut. After a lot of research (and finding no one in my area, Northern CA) I came across Danielle and all of the wonderful yelp reviews. Now my hair is amazing! I'm once again proud to have curly hair rather than pulling it back. She did so amazing she actually accentuated the shape of my face and head, and I feel beautiful again! Needless to say I will be traveling back to Henderson every 8 to 10 weeks. Thank you SOOOOOOO much Danielle!
Comment from Danielle G. of Hair Artisans 7/12/2011
Thank you Sara for the review, and I look forward to seeing you soon xoxo
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Photo of Sabrina S.
  • 2friends
  • 1review
5.0 star rating
Danielle is FABOLOUS! Very warm and inviting but most of all she takes the time to get to know you and YOUR hair. She is not a cookie-cutter stylist...she knows what she's doing.
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Photo of Lauren B.
  • 6friends
  • 11reviews
5.0 star rating

Danielle is the Edward Scissor Hands of cutting curly hair! She has "Golden Hands." I have lived in many places in my life and haven't found anyone as capable, qualified and pleasant to be around as Danielle. She has a true vested interest in meeting and exceeding the expectations of her clients every time she sees them. Over time she encouraged me to wear my hair curly and once I did she gave me the tools, confidence and know how to carry it off without much effort. In my mind, it's all about a good hair cut. Danielle gives me a flawless cut every time that I can wear both straight and curly without much work. Her attention to detail and understanding of curly hair make her that much more special because if you are curly too, you understand our frustrations. She has educated me beyond belief..... I had no idea how many different types of curly heads there were! If we are in a social setting, people approach her constantly, asking her about her hair. She always politely provides them with information on their hair or on the numerous products we use to maintain our locks. Don't hesitate to reach out to Danielle because she is a hair connoisseur and never seems to be off the clock to discuss curly hair. She is a consummate professional and will continue to do well as a hair dressing master. She has truly mastered it! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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