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How to create BIG hair at home

How to create big hair at home
Volume (adj)
Definition: involving large quantities
Tools needed: Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and or Mousse or Styling tonic, hair pins, velcro rollers or round brushes and a blow dryer with an air director on the tip

Many women who have fine hair want more volume in their tresses to create the illusion they have thicker hair. Based on the density or the amount of hair per square inch, volume can be achieved with a combination of styling products and tools. Today, because the beauty industry is a multimillion dollar industry, it offers too many Volumizing products to name here. Below is a small list of suggestions on what to do at home to create the look you want.

Start by cleansing and conditioning the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner especially for fine hair.

Towel dry the hair to get the water weight out or the water will extend the drying time and not allow the Volumizing products to do their work.

Add a mousse or styling tonic only at the roots. Over doing this will cause the hair to be stiff and the strands will stick together.

Flip your head over and use your fingers to lift the hair at the root and blow dry until the root area is dry and lifted. Leaving the ends 75% damp, flip your head back up and section the hair. By sectioning the hair to roller set or blow dry will make your big hair look neat and polished.

Next, you can either add Velcro rollers and set the hair (let the hair dry completely before taking rollers out), or use a round brush and after each section pin the curl into place (as in the photo below).

After doing your make up and getting dressed, you can then take out the rollers and pins, finger style into place and reveal your big beautiful head of hair.

Beauty Tip: Fine hair CAN have the illusion of large quantities of hair!

Cut Color and Style by
Danielle Green
Hair Dressing Master

The Recession has brought about a change in the beauty industry

Definition: to make different, alter or transform

We've all noticed one thing or another that has changed over the past year due to the recession. I've noticed how the recession has changed my income behind the chair. A few of my clients have lost their jobs this year.  But, they still need their hair cut and
colored.  Do I let them walk out the door without any alternatives?  Do I risk never seeing them again? NO!

My encouragement to other hairstylists in the industry has been to be more creative with their service offerings until we see the economy turn around a bit.... discounting their services or hosting something like discounted Haircuts for Career Day.
This may inspire them to go on that job interview with the confidence they need to get that next job.  Otherwise, the alternative is they may never get a foot in the
door with a bad hair day! Not only will you feel fulfilled by giving back to your community during this tough economy, but your client will always remember that moment
you helped to transform their life.

Beauty Tip:  Be the change behind the chair and you will make a difference in someones life. 

Color Cut and Style by
Danielle Green
Hair Dressing Master
Las Vegas, NV

Natural Hair

Natural Hair

For all you natural hair women
Remember this
not about
how straight your hair is
how much you look like a model
the woman in the office
with long flowing

it is about what's 
that natural head of hair 
that counts.
 You may want to
 burn your scalp 
or press your curls.
remember this sista 
it's always about
inside you girl.

poem by 
Danielle Green

 products used: Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner