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Winter Hair Trends 2014/2015

Ready for something different? The change of season usually brings us colder temps and paler skin. We tend to reach for a make up palette to compliment our rich wardrobe & winter color.   We are noticing in the fashion arena that an array of fresh style can come easy at your next visit at the salon.


  • Groomed and polished fades and pomps gives us a throwback vibe with todays modern texture


  • Have you checked your pinterest board lately?  The wob (short for wet or wavy bob) is in season and it is refreshing to see shorter hair lengths. 

Silver Hair Color
  • Most mature women are spending $200 or more every 4-6 weeks to cover up any silver hair that they see in the mirror. But leave it to our 21 and under chics to make silver hair chic and sexy for winter. 


  • Baby blue, lavender,  pink and mint green are also trending for winter who knew that Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie would make pastels so popular.  

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