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Pin up Looks and Fall "Foilage"

                                                     (photo courtesy
I've received several requests at my studio salon this week for 40's and 50's pin up hair styles to wear to special events. My question is: What's the push for pinup hairstyles? Is Katie Perry responsible for bringing this look back into pop culture?

What about Rockabilly's?  The original term came from a genre of music that has now evolved into a counter-culture of music, style, tattoos, vintage clothing and of course pin up inspired hair.


This time of year brings about a different vibe all together when it comes to hair fashion. Color trends go to darker shades of blonde highlights and richer, warmer reds and brunettes.  Lengths become shorter as necklines rise for women and men tend to grow the hair longer to keep those handsome heads warm in the fall and winter months.  I'm one of the few women that likes to add hair extensions during the cooler season to change up my looks.

(the above photos were pulled from google images)

(In this photo I've added clip-in hair extensions on the sides and back and eyelash extensions)
My inspiration comes from classic looks that have been staples for me over time, sleek chignons, big curly ponytail hairpieces and long clip-in hair extensions.I seem to always go with what works for my face shape and body type.  But, I do enjoy staying current with the latest trends in fashion from the runways, magazines, music videos and my latest find Lastly, I love taking advanced coloring and cutting classes to keep my skills sharp and keep my clients happy.

While I brush up on my 40's and 50's pin up styles for this season, what inspires you to change or enhance your looks at this time of year, I'd love to hear?

Happy Autumn