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hair by Antoinette Beenders~Aveda

My definition: the art of caring for your hair at home or with a professional stylist

Hey there, to my friends with quirky tresses! I know how difficult it can be figuring out what to do with your hair at home, or better yet what might happen in the chair at a hair salon. Just like visiting your doctor or dentist, a knowledgeable hair stylist will find out exactly what to prescribe to help with your hair woes. We know how to assess your hair type as well as how to ask the appropriate questions to find out what you like, and what you don't.

Today at the salon, I over heard some clients talking about their "at home regimen." After listening to their processes I found out that these ladies were in need of some "Hairapy".

A few words of wisdom:

Always seek a professional hair colorist for your hair coloring needs and desires. Over the counter hair color box kits may seem attractive and trustworthy but a kitchen beautician may find themselves in the salon asking for a color correction with a high price tag to fix a mistake.

Do not, I repeat do not try to chemically relax or permanently wave your hair yourself! We all have heard horror stories and may have endured the torture from a over zealous mom that "knows" what she is doing and you better not question her either. Again, leave these treatments to the professionals because these products contain harmful chemicals that could destroy your hair and skin if not used properly.

May I also stress that you consider donating your "at home" scissors and thinning shears to the arts and craft section of your home, don't use on your hair. It's worth every penny to invest in a haircut every 5-10 weeks depending your hair style. For those of you with a fringe or "bang", most salons will give a complimentary bang trim or charge a minimal fee for the quick service. Otherwise, I think you know what an at home bang trim could possibly lead too...

Next, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER brush your hair while it is wet! The hair is at a weaker state and fragile when it is wet. Instead use a wide tooth comb or a pick and start de-tangling the hair by working from the ends up to the roots. Use smaller sections so you will have control of the hair.

Lastly, Pahhhleeeease turn down the heat on those flat irons and curling irons! Hair is similar to fabric and when the heat is too high it can burn the hair. Imagine putting a cloth in the oven and setting the temperature to 450 degrees, what will happen? FIRE! Better yet, a "pocket curl," (a curl that sticks to the curling iron and detaches from your head, so you put it in your pocket as if it never happened) lol!

There are many products available to protect the hair from heat elements on the market like Aveda's Brilliant Damage Control Spray, or Its at 10 Leave-In Conditioner. Knowing what products and tools to use can prevent dehydrating the hair which will ultimately protect and promote beautifully, healthy, shiny hair.

Stick to these few tips and you will be on your way to keeping your hair strong and healthy. Remember, sometimes it's very easy to slack off on purchasing the better products for our hair. Sometimes it's because of the cost and sometimes it's due to the proliferation of them. With so many products out there, how could we possibly know which is best and which to chose? Ask the professionals !!!!

Danielle Green
Hair Dressing Master
Las Vegas, NV