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Q-Redew Steamer Review

A portable Hair Steamer?  Yaaaasssssssssss! Okay people here's the scoop: I've spoken to most of my naturally curly clients about the benefits of using a steamer on their hair to MOISTURIZE! Read my review of the fabulous portable Q-ReDew.

Q-Redew hair steamer review:

This is a great tool to use at home or in hair salons to put moisture instantly into curly hair.  The most obvious feature is it's a portable hand held device. The water reservoir is on the front and the power button is located underneath the device which must be pushed on and held in while using. 

My first opportunity to use the Q-Redew was at the Natural hair expo in Las Vegas this fall. Natural & Sassy's founder Marita asked me if we would try it at our Curly Revolution booth and we got a great reception.  Many attendees were fascinated and curious as to how this small device could generate steam for natural hair.

The device is easy to use and as lightweight as some standard blow dryer's and would be perfect for the curly girl on the go. 

Once I plugged it in I immediately noticed a flaw.  The cord was very short and as a salon owner I would love to use this on my curly clients but I would need an extension cord. After powered on the small red led light will blink for about 30 secs while the water is heating up.  (A small amount of water must be poured into the reservoir first).  When the LED stays on red its time to steam. The only other problem that a consumer may have is that you have to hold down the power button to emit the steam. 

I took the Q-redew back to my salon and started testing it out on clients.  Again they were all surprised that this device that looks like a diffuser was actually steamer! We have began to recommend this tool as part of our consultations for our curly clients.

Overall, my final recommendation is to lengthen the power cord. The Q-redew should retail very well in the curly world especially dry climates or for curly clients with dehydrated hair.

Danielle Green

Q-Redew at Curly Revolution booth