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Thank you Tajainwe!

Salon Rating: 5 Scissors
I have been a practicing natural (no relaxer for decades, but flat ironed hair) for almost a year, and I learned about Danielle early on in my search for knowledge. I held on to her information, but tried using youtube and other resources for advice. All was very helpful, but none could help me with perfecting my style. While wearing my hair straight, it was cut in layers and looked great straight, but curly it looked like a bad weave. I have 3a-3c hair. In the very back it is very fine and 3a, with 3b-3c in no apparent order on my head. The length was midback when straight, and the rest was bra strap length. I finally found that there was no way to make my hair look good with the different lengths, so I first went to Danielle for a consultation. She was very pleasant and welcoming and offered great information. She assured me that she would work with my to keep my length if that's what I wanted, or we could go all out and cut it even enough so that it would grow back how I wanted it. After the consultation, I thought on it for about 2 weeks and decided during my appointment that it was just hair and would grow back, so I did my bc! It was cut all shoulder length straight, and to about the bottom of my ears curly. It looks beautiful, and I will definitely be back for maintenance and pointers. She is great!
Reviewed by tajainwe (Curly Spirally - 3b) on Feb 21, 2012