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Thank you Asteven8 XOXO

Here's some background on me: I transitioned for 8 months then did the big chop in March 2011. I've been doing o.k. at figuring some stuff out on my own. I'm from the South Carolina where the humidity is high and my curls were doing pretty good. Now, I'm working in Death Valley, trying to combat dry heat and extremely dry hair. I came for a haircut but I got so much more. First off, Danielle was very knowlegeable and gave me some good advice about things to do to combat the dry heat. Although she looked at my hair and decided I didn't really need a cut, it was great to sit and talk to someone with experience in natural hair care. Being from Columbia, SC there are literally no places to go to for natural hair. Every salon that deals in natural hair wants to help you straighten it, dye it, etc. My needs are simple and I just want to learn to take care of my natural hair and let it grow. I've had bad experiences with stylists who get a little scissor happy. Danielle was amazing for the simple fact that she wanted to talk to me, get to know me, and understand what my hair care regime was. Within 5 minutes of talking to her, I felt like I had found my stylist. She's really honest with you. At the end of my appointment, we agreed to meet again in a few months for a hair cut. It's the first time in my life where I'm excited about getting a haircut because I found an awesome stylist!
Reviewed by asteven8 (Curly Kinky - 3c) on Nov 09, 2011